Vista Mall

Vista Mall brings immersive virtual playground to life

Make everyday beautiful

Sprawled picturesquely along the stretch of the busy Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Vista Mall Sta. Rosa stands as a marvel to both locals and passers-by that are making their way up Tagaytay, easily recognizable thanks to its elegant structure and towering skytrees.

This charming place blends beauty and convenience—Vista Mall Sta. Rosa is a refreshing take to your shopping experience. Home to contemporary interior and green landscapes, with spacious exteriors as a welcome wash of greens in a traditional commercial setting— making moments spent even happier and more joyful.


Awe-inspiring virtual experience

Parading experiences that are truly amazing, Vista Malls continue to bring lifestyle attractions that bring the quality of entertainment and leisure a notch higher. A new realm of immersive virtual reality experience enthralls mallgoers to explore Vista Mall Sta. Rosa’s latest attraction. An out of this world arcade operated by Cool Starry Sky marks its first arrival in the Philippines after its launch in China, Malaysia, Japan, and Indonesia. Featuring a three-dimensional gaming interface that enables one to get into the zone of a full-motion platform simulator through a virtual reality headset, this virtual playground harnesses one’s sense of sight and hearing to set forth a spectacular journey. 

Warm up your competitive skills with the arcade’s XBox favorites. Take the challenge to a whole new level by entering the portal of Ocular Quest 2 that introduces the use of a virtual reality headset with a coordinated hand equipment to synchronize your moves as if you are catapulted inside the game. For driving enthusiasts, you surely won’t miss trying and experiencing the Racing Moto. Hop on the sleek ride and gear up with the virtual reality headset to rev up your game. The race track awaits to test your driving skills. Onto a different adventure that will get you soaring to new heights, the Airplane lets one embark on an adventure flight to navigate the skies and engage in combat. In a different setting, it can also get you exploring a haunted house or get your heart pumping on a rollercoaster ride.

Relive the excitement of your favorite amusement park rides through the Double Egg Chair. This simulation will keep you on your toes as you remain alert and ready for anything that might happen in your gaming surroundings. Hold your breath for possible jumpscares and surprises in store for you. Experience virtual reality like no one could imagine with the 360 Rotating Aircraft. Exponentially more unpredictable and electrifying, your seat is all set to immerse you in special effects and bewildering motion that will surely spike your adrenaline up to the top. 


Marking its first venture here in the Philippines, Cool Starry Sky at Vista Mall Sta. Rosa is an interactive virtual reality playground designed for thrill and adrenaline seekers. It is a groundbreaking spot for fun and immersive gaming. Head out to Level 1 of Vista Mall Sta. Rosa, near AllHome, and get plugged into a virtual reality experience that is now more live than ever. Come experience cutting-edge virtual reality at Vista Mall Sta. Rosa.