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Floriad Lifestyle: Now in Full Bloom!

Floriad Floral Fest: A Festive Beginning 

The sun is shining, sunflowers are out, and Floriad is on! Get ready for an exquisite blooming time at the Floriad Floral Fest happening on June 17 (Saturday).  

Amidst the humming and restless southern metro, emerges a distinctive lifestyle central. A verdant garden, a sprawling park, a world-class hub for dining and shopping — yes, one need not pick just one. Floriad Lifestyle was thoughtfully designed to be a beautiful medley of what is functional, essential, and inspiring. Out of the box and truly beyond compare, this new destination is both a sight to behold and a gratifying experience meant to be relished and shared. True to its name, Floriad Lifestyle is meant to be celebrated with flowers in each and every way. 

To start the day and kick off the festivities, a Floral Fun Run shall be held, embodying the gleaming energy and vitality of the newest lifestyle destination in the South. To celebrate this momentous occasion, an inauguration ceremony to be led by Villar Group Chairman Manny B. Villar Jr. shall be witnessed on the grounds of Floriad Lifestyle. 

Get access to Floriad Lifestyle’s main attraction: its splendid fields blooming with radiant sunflowers. 

Ticket prices 

  • P200 – Adults 
  • P150 – Kids & Discounted (Senior Citizen, PWD, etc) 
  • P100 – Employees 

Enjoy a 50% discount when you present a minimum single-receipt purchase worth P250
from any of Floriad Lifestyle’s stores. 

Pedal with Petals (Bike Rental) 

Explore the lush landscapes and blossoming fields of Floriad Lifestyle by taking on its bike paths. Pedal your way to breathtaking views and vibrant hues while increasing your stamina, strength, and aerobic fitness, when you rent its gorgeous bikes. 

Kite Making Activity 

The clear skies and blossoming flower fields can’t wait to see you glide your kite and rule the air. Learn how to build amazing kites with the experts at the Kite Flying Association of the Philippines. 

Paint A Gnome 

Get ready to have fun with your little ones! These adorable Gnomes will only get more fascinating as you grab a brush and summon the inner artist in you. 


Painting Class by Sip and Gogh 

Floriad Lifestyle brings you the first-of-its-kind paint and sip studio in the country: Sip and Gogh. Dive into the fun and relaxing experience of unleashing your creativity while socializing with your loved ones. 

Kite Flying and Exhibition 

Drift with the wind and witness which kites will reign supreme in the skies at the exciting kite flying and exhibition activity of the Kite Flying Association of the Philippines. 


Full Bloom Musical 

Sing and dance along with the trolls. Be enthralled with their cute and enchanting performances in the highly anticipated Full Bloom Musical. 


Clay Play: Hand Building Pottery Class 

Take inspiration as you indulge in Floriad Lifestyle’s refreshing ambiance and panoramic views. Embark on your pottery journey by learning the basic essentials in molding and decorating simple ceramic pieces. 


Trail of Lights 

Be mesmerized by the beauty of the sunflower fields even at night. See them glow amidst the colorful and dancing display of lights at Floriad Lifestyle’s Trail of Lights. 


Night Fest 

Dance the night away at The Night Fest with Sixty Four! A fun-filled celebration awaits Floriad Lifestyle’s beautiful crowd. With the upbeat music of DJ Christian Tiu, a fantastic bartending show, and the ultimate beer challenge, it wil surely be an evening to remember.