Vista Mall

Villar group supports MSMEs through the STAR Group’s Nakakalocal project

AllValue and Vista Land director Frances Rosalie Coloma joins PhilSTAR Group EVP Lucien Dy Tioco during the signing ceremony for the partnership for the ‘Nakakalocal: Love Local, Go Global’ advocacy campaign in Pasay City recently.   “Nakakalocal” is a yearlong program that encourages Filipinos to buy local.  It also taps some of the country’s leading companies to help the Filipino SMEs’ dreams take flight. 

For the past years, resilience has been one of the quality traits that Filipinos are known for.  That being said, many citizens were able to come up with innovative ways and ideas to support their everyday necessities and curate their hobbies at the same time.

The Villar-owned malls have been supportive of the micro, small, and medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs) for the past several years.

Even before the strike of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vista Malls and Starmalls have showcased a variety of businesses, and even elevated retail experience through its massive mall spaces.

This year,  Vista Mall, along with the All-Value Group brands, partners with the Philippine STAR Media Group for the promotion and strengthening  of the MSMEs through the “Nakakalocal: Love Local, Go Global” project.

The Villar Group joins the Philippine STAR Media Group in call to support entrepreneurs who champion proudly Filipino-made products and SME brands.

It is also a way to celebrate expertise and creativity of our Kababayans, says AllValue vice-chairman Camille Villar who has been supporting Filipino entrepreneurship at the grassroots level.

Villar cites the need to provide more funding for small businesses by giving them access to grants and loans.  She added that the MSMEs are considered the lifeblood of the domestic economy, noting that they comprise 99.6 percent of all the businesses in the country.

Villar notes  that MSMEs accounts for 70 percent of the jobs in the country’s workforce.  In supporting The STAR Group’s Nakakalocal Project, Villar underscores the need to provide local entrepreneurs access to tools and platforms for them to thrive and succeed, and surpass challenges.

At the AllValue Group,  Villar reveals that the company has sourced some of the products of local entrepreneurs and pitted them with some of the international brands.  “We make every effort to shine a light on MSMEs, putting their products alongside with the best in the world,” says Villar, also vice-chairman of AllDay Supermarkets.

Frances Rosalie Coloma, director of AllValue Group, is optimistic about the partnership between the Villar Group and the Star Group.   She says the company has been supporting the local entrepreneurs, even during the pandemic.

The Villar Group has been opening its doors to MSMEs by patronizing their products and encouraging them to join whenever the Vista Mall and Starmall hold exhibits, Coloma adds.  ###