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The Juans reboot yearly free concert for fans

The hit Pinoy pop group is set to do a free concert for their fans.

Titled “The Juans: Open Gig,” the show is scheduled this Thursday, Dec. 23, 6pm at Somo – A Vista Mall open grounds. This concert is free admission, but for obvious safety protocols, will require audiences proof of full vaccinations.

Carl Guevarra, singer and keyboardist of The Juans, is glad that the show, which they started back in 2019, is pushing through despite the still ongoing pandemic. “We just need to take some extra precautions to make sure that not only will this show be fun, but also safe.”

“We’re happy that shows are slowly coming back,” he said, adding “it’s one of the things that we miss doing the most when this pandemic struck.”

“We were not able to do it last year since the pandemic, but now that the restrictions have lifted, there’s no stopping us from expressing our gratefulness for the overwhelming support fans have constantly poured out for every project we have embarked on,” Guevarra added.

Despite the shortage of live shows during the height of Covid-19, The Juans managed to keep afloat during the lockdowns last year. It helped of course that just before the first wave struck, The Juans was riding the wave of a big hit in “Hindi Tayo Pwede.”

“It helped for sure. That and it just happened that all the members of the band live nearby one another in Bulacan, that we were able to work and stay creative during those uncertain times.”

The Juans official photo from Viva Records

“Working on songs and music helped us all cope during those first few months of uncertainty. We even managed to release a music video during the first few months with “Manalangin.” After that, we realized we just have to work extra hard amongst ourselves.”

Also, during the pandemic, The Juans managed to build their own studio. It is here that The Juans–Guevarra, singer-guitarist Japs Mendoza, guitarist-singer RJ Cruz, bassist Chael Adriano and drummer Joshua Coronel– rehearsed and recorded the singles that they’ve released since, including the recent ones that includes “Dulo,” “Anghel,” and the just released “Sabik.”

But a big factor why The Juans keep at what they do are their fans.

“More than anything, it is the ‘Juanistas’ that spurred us on,” shared Guevarra. “We kept working on new songs for them. Because we know that they’re also going through the same as us. There was fear, but fear was replaced by the desire to reach out to them, and that just inspired us to keep on making music. And they’ve always reciprocated in kind through their support.”

“That’s why we’re glad that we’re doing ‘Open Gig 2021.’ It’s one way of saying thanks to them, and hopefully, this becomes an annual thing. We’re happy to take time to appreciate our fans and give them gifts. They can expect not just a free show, but also Noche Buena packages, gift-packs, and raffle prizes like Smart TV and more,” exclaimed the singer.

The Open Gig venue in A Vista Mall is in Molino, Paliparan road, Molino IV, Bacoor Cavite. Gates open at 5pm. The show is free, but access to the VIP area will require at least a 300-peso purchase at Somo on A Vista Mall on said date. Venue partners Vista Mall and Star Mall will provide a secure venue. Joining the event are TM with Wingzone providing freebies for fans of The Juans.

This free show will be The Juans last show for 2021 before they leave abroad for the “2020 Expo show in Dubai” on Dec. 28, 2021.