Vista Mall

The story of Dogdog: A lovable and dependable member of the Vista Mall family

It can be said that Dogdog is actually one of Vista Mall Taguig’s first ever customers as it was during construction of its expansion five years ago when Dogdog, then still a puppy, first step foot at the mall. Abandoned by his original owners, Dogdog was cared for and treated like a real pet by the mall’s security team. The moniker Dogdog was first given to him by the guys from Vista Mall’s security team and eventually stuck. Now, everyone who works at the mall knows him by the unique name.


Recently, Dogdog has become a viral sensation but for his family, the people of Vista Mall Taguig, Dogdog is more than just a beloved pet who is now making the rounds on social media. He is a staunch defender who is always ready to help. When a delivery driver went down his truck and left his phone inside, a thief snatched the phone from inside the vehicle but Dogdog was quick to the chase and bit him, making it easy for the security team to apprehend the guy. True enough, Dogdog has been a part of the mall’s “security team” for long.

Dogdog’s irresistible charm and remarkable loyalty makes him unbelievably easy to love. Of course, Dogdog would not be like this if not for the love and care that was first shown to him by the people of Vista Mall Taguig. He was given a home and kept bathed, fed, and loved by the wonderful employees of Vista Mall. Dogdog’s vaccines are also updated regularly through the help of Taguig’s veterinary office and his health is regularly monitored by his usual companions, Vista Mall’s security team.

The story of Dogdog is the success story of a wonderful community—people coming together to help and welcome a stray puppy into their own home, in this case, workplace. Dogdog is very much a part of the thriving and loving family of Vista Mall Taguig. This holiday season, Dogdog and his family at Vista Mall Taguig help demonstrate a #ANewKindofChristmas by showing people the many different kinds of families there are. Truly, there is nothing better than spending the holidays with your loved ones—humans and animals alike. 

Every pet is considered a member of one’s family which is why Vista Mall ensures that all their malls are animal friendly by giving their personnel the proper training and putting Pet Guidelines in place to help customers manage their pets accordingly. 

At Vista Mall, pets are welcome inside mall premises as long as they follow a few simple rules: pets should have updated vaccines, including anti-rabies; pets should be leashed or inside their carrier or stroller at all times; pets should be bathed or groomed properly prior admission to the mall.