Vista Mall

Experience enjoyable and responsible malling with your pet at Vista Mall

Gone are the days where pets are simply regarded as guard animals. Nowadays, pets are treated much like family—a son, a daughter, a brother, or a sister. Given this new reality, it is an important matter for the Villar Group to ensure that their malls remain pet-friendly establishments; keeping true to the premise of their brand which is serving the needs of their communities, people and pets alike. At Vista Mall, mallgoers can expect to experience an enjoyable malling experience alongside responsible pet owners.

At these malls, pets are allowed inside mall premises given that their vaccines are updated, including their anti-rabies shots. Owners are encouraged to always have a copy of their pet’s records when going outside their home. Though Vista Mall, Starmall, and Vista Lifestyle Centers NOMO and Evia are unarguably welcoming to pets, exotic pets are not allowed inside the malls for the safety of these animals and the other mall goers as well.

Pets are expected to be leashed or inside their carrier at all times and owners should be responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Compliance to these malls’ pet guidelines is expected to guarantee that these malls remain a clean and safe space for everyone—especially animals. In addition to the above, these guidelines include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pets must be properly groomed/bathed prior admission to the mall
  • Pets should be carried while riding up and down escalators and elevators
  • Pets should never be left unattended
  • Owner must take responsibility for their pet’s actions and any untoward incidents they may cause

Shopping and dining at Vista Mall, Starmall, Evia Lifestyle Center, and NOMO – A Vista Lifestyle Center is undeniably better with furry friends around. It is an utmost priority for these malls to make sure that the experience remains enjoyable and safe by advocating for responsible pet ownership among its customers and giving proper training in animal handling for their employees.

While it is true that the world is still trying to adjust to the new normal, it is beneficial for people to start going back to old routines that remind them of happier times. With social distancing and the wearing of proper protective equipment in place, going for a leisurely stroll at the mall with family and pets will definitely jumpstart the happy feelings.

Vista Mall, Starmall, Evia Lifestyle Center, and NOMO – A Vista Lifestyle Center continue to work hand in hand with their respective LGUs to make sure that their COVID-19 protocols remain effective in ensuring the health and safety of their customers, employees, and tenants.

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