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What’s Your Pleasure? The Foodie Guide

Imagine how it feels to live in a community that is surrounded by classy and urbane homes with the likes of residential estates such as Portofino, Ponticelli and Cerritos and where within the compound is an equally upscale development such as Evia Lifestyle Center? If you live in a neighborhood such as this one, then perhaps you would not find any need to go out anymore because you have everything right at your doorstep.

Vista Malls Evia Lifestyle Center

At Evia Lifestyle Center you can definitely get the convenience that you need as all your concerns whether for pleasure or business can be found in this highly modern commercial complex. When you are here, you are simply in an all in one stop destination.

at Rustan's at Evia Lifestyle Center

This 600 hectare commercial development is also home to some upcoming best restaurants in Manila such as Brasas which specializes in Latin American street food cuisine. At Brasas, you do not only get to taste something new and unique but rather, you can also relax in this restaurant and unwind over some beer or dessert. There is also a Japanese restaurant called Chibi’s Kitchen in this modern center if you feel like having some Asian taste.

Brasas at Evia Lifestyle Center

Chibis Kitchen at Evia Lifestyle Center

In a compound as big as Evia Lifestyle Center, you can surely find more dining establishments both casual and fast food. If you are on the go, you can simply stop by and get some freshly baked breads and pastries at Bread Talk, and in the same way if you are looking for a quick meal you can just take out your food from fast foods such as Mc Donald’s and Shakey’s.

Breadtalk at Evia Lifestyle Center

McDonald's at Evia Lifestyle Center

Shakey's at Evia Lifestyle Center

When you simply want to hang out with your friends to catch up on the latest updates about each other, you can have your bonding moments at Starbucks or at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. For a more casual bonding, there is also Serenitea for a more refreshing drink and fun ambiance.

Starbucks at Evia Lifestyle Center

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Evia Lifestyle Center

Serenitea at Evia Lifestyle Center

There is really so much to do in this very spacious commercial center because with dining alone, you already have so many choices. What more with the other needs and services which have equally an array of selections as well?

At Vista Malls commercial developments, you can without a doubt expect to find everything and anything that you need because aside from the usual shopping and dining, their compounds also have offices and services to answer your other concerns. You can find a hardware, an optical shop, a dental clinic, a derma, a salon, a pet shop with grooming services, an alterations shop, meat shops, pharmacies, bookstore and a whole lot more.

Ace Hardware at Evia Lifestyle Center

Dermagold at Evia Lifestyle Center

Salon de Laurel at Evia Lifestyle Center

Think of something that you need and you will definitely find it in a Vista Malls complex because they always remain true to their commitment which is to provide their every client’s concern.