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What’s in for 2015? Apparently, Self Evolution!

Yes, it maybe the Year of the Sheep, but there’s absolutely no reason to be sheepish. Yes, Vista Lifestyle Centers will celebrate with Dragon Dances, fireworks and red paper lanterns, but we also encourage you to find the deeper meaning behind this much awaited Spring Festival. See, Spring and the New Year, is about renewal, a letting go of the old and a welcoming in of the new. The more of the Old baggage we forgive and release with love, the more we receive the New with ease, love and grace. Who wouldn’t want that?

So, before the New Year, clean up your homes, get rid of stuff that simply accumulate dust, and even sell them at the nearest Vista Trunk Sale, to recycle that old energy into new monetary blessings. Open your doors and windows to allow positive energy to flow into your home, allowing Mother Nature to bless you with her wind. Remember that sun, wind, rain and earth blesses us and cleans up our auras, so head on to the fields of Evia and walk barefoot under the sun. Remember, too, that we opened up 2015 with the wonderful energies we shared with each other during the Pope’s visit. That’s a really good sign right there.

Vista Malls Chinese New Year Resolution

This 2015, dig deep into yourselves; find it in your heart to forgive, release and let go; and, welcome good fortune by transforming ourselves inside out. Remember, this year we evolve, and by evolving, we become Light.