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What’s In Your Grill? Top 10 Food that Are Great for Grilling

One of the most popular ways of cooking food is by grilling them. Apart from that unique char-flavor grilling gives that sense of celebration and feasting. Ever wonder why barbecuing is such a tradition when a family or group is celebrating and having a good time? For some reason being outside, firing up the grill and cooking fresh meat or seafood gives that relaxing and peaceful vibe.

If you think that steaks and chicken are the only reliable foods for grilling, think again for there are other different kinds of food that taste best when grilled such as the following:

Corn on the cob – steamed or boiled corn tastes good but a grilled one tastes so much better. The fire off the grill releases a more delicious, sweet, and tasty corn flavor that you cannot get from steaming. Also, cooking the corn this way is far easier than getting a pot, creating a boil, and waiting for it to cook.

Vista Malls Grilled Food at Sunset Grill in Lakefront Wharf in Sucat

Squid – more often squid is cooked drenched in batter and deep-fried as calamari but the best way to cook it is by fire-grilling it. Japanese people have been doing this forever because they have long discovered that the squid takes a different life the moment it hits the flame – it becomes tender, more luscious and juicy, with all its flavors intact.

Pork shoulder – slowly grilling pork shoulders gives it a nice flavor that is best served shredded and stuffed in a bun or even eaten as it is.

Lobster – while steamed lobster in butter sauce is divine, grilling a lobster is a whole different experience. The moment the lobster touches the grill and start steaming in its own juice the flavor is pure and the taste is incredible.


Red Peppers – if you think that red peppers are ordinary and bring nothing on the plate, try grilling fresh red peppers and you will taste the big difference. Grilling gives this vegetable a smoky flavor that is pleasant to the palate.

Bacon – this is one of the most in-demand breakfast protein because of its flavor but wait until you toss it on the grill and get that extra-smoky taste; sprinkle some finely chopped rosemary and a dash of pepper and you will never look at bacon the same way again.

Lamb Chops – grilling this meat gives it a unique flavor that you wouldn’t mind eating it straight from the bone.

Pizza – grilling gives the pizza dough an amazing flavor. Brush olive oil on the dough and cook it on the grill until grill marks appear before adding your pizza toppings, leave it for about 3 minutes and enjoy!

Clams – grilling helps clam retain its amazing flavor, simply put on the grill and wait for the shell to open and it is done.

Meatballs – place the meatball on the grill and cover it for a couple of minutes then roll them over to cook every side. The smoky taste of the meatball will liven it up to be well on its own or with your favorite pasta.

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