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What Not To Wear On Rainy Days

If your rainy day outfits consist of these five items below, then you might have to reconsider wearing them to avoid fashion and real-life disasters.

1. White jeans
In days like these, mud puddles and dirt droplets are definitely common, and to see signs of your encounters with them on the back of your jeans aren’t exactly the most attractive thing.

What You Shouldn't Wear On Rainy Days

2. Anything leather
Leathers boots, pants and jackets won’t look and smell good when wet. Plus, they get heavier when soaked in rain.

Don't Wear These On Rainy Days

3. Sundress
Not under those rainy day outfits, either. Hey, it’s called a sundress for a reason, right? It’s only perfect for summer and sunny days. You’ll be chilled to the bones wearing this in cold weather.

Rainy Day Outfit No-Nos

4. Stilettos
High-heeled shoes on rainy days, when the roads are all wet and slippery? Please avoid wearing these on a rainy day if you don’t want any accidents to happen, and fall flat on your face.

No-Nos for the Rainy Days

5. Heavy Makeup
Heavy makeup is another no-no on rainy days. It might smudge if it comes in contact with water and it will definitely not look good.

Rainy Day Outfit Tips by Vista Malls

Despite these restrictions, don’t let the gloomy weather dictate your mood and style. You can still come up with fab rainy day outfits. Just mix and match, and make sure to choose outfits that are right and practical for the wet weather.

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