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What NOT To Wear in Warm Weather

It sure is hot these days! To battle the scorching weather, wear light clothing and steer away from these five items for a while so you won’t end up looking like a melting blob of sweat.

1. Velvets
Velvet is a terrible idea during summer. It’s sticky and heavy to wear even in air-conditioned places like offices or top malls in Manila.

 1.	What Not to Wear This Summer

2. Sweat suits
Sweat suits help you perspire more during exercise to maximize the calories you burn. But on hot days like these, who needs to sweat more?

2.	Don’t Wear These This Summer

3. Coats and Jackets
Coats and jackets are also a summer no-no. Thick layers during warm weather will make you feel hotter and uncomfortable.

What Not to Wear in Warm Weather

4. Dark Makeup
Runny mascara, streaky foundation—these are just a few of the warm weather disasters a girl can experience. Now is the best time to go to shopping centers in Manila to hunt for makeup that are light-colored and smear-proof.

Warm Weather Outfit No-Nos

5. Cutout leggings
We don’t know how these leggings came into style, but they’re a major faux pas. We know we need to dress light during summer but putting cutouts to these leggings is just plain wrong.

Outfit No-Nos This Summer

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