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Wash and Wear

Who knew that washing was so important to our sleeping patterns? Did you know that 73% of us sleep better on freshly-washed, perhaps even lightly-scented sheets? And, washing regularly isn’t even just about getting us a good rest, but more importantly, it’s about getting rid of all the bed bugs, dust mites and other invisible creatures that thrive on dead skin cells, sweat, and strands of hair. Imagine lying on a bed that’s alive with the stuff! The absolute minimum for washing your bed linens is once a week.

And on the subject of washing, how often must you wash your bath towels? To avoid the invisible bacteria, bathroom germs and other things that harbor viruses, infections and illness, wash your bath towels twice a week. If you bring your towel to a gym, and use it to wipe off sweat, wash after every use. When you buy new towels, even if they’re wrapped in plastic, wash them first before using them.

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Lastly, according to Real Simple’s “When-to-Wash-It Handbook,” we must wash our jackets and blazers after five to six uses; jeans after four to five; and, pajamas, after three or four days, though silk PJs require daily washing. Shirts can go for one or two wearings before needing a wash, while slacks can go up to three days. But see, this presupposes that you’re in a cool, air-conditioned environment and that you don’t spill anything on yourself. Once you stain your clothes, or break out into a heavy sweat, then throw your outfit into the hamper. No smelling. No second thoughts. And yes, even if they still look clean.

Evia Lifestyle Center makes it convenient for you to do all your washing. Just visit Neat Freak at the lower ground floor of the Everyday Building. You can even have your laundry picked-up and delivered.

Vista Malls Neat Freak at Evia Lifestyle Center

Having your wash done professionally not only gets the job done, but it also saves you precious time and water.

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