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Wardrobe Essentials for 2016

Updating your wardrobe for 2016 doesn’t necessarily mean spending much on the latest bling and fashion trends. What you should rather do, before hitting the malls in Alabang, is to complete your wardrobe essentials. You can pair a basic white tee and skinny jeans with a brand new scarf and dangling earrings, or match it with a nice blazer and a pair of boots. All you need is a little creativity and imagination in mixing and matching your wardrobe to come up with an exciting new look.

Shop For Fashion Basics At Vista Malls Alabang


Before you plan your shopping, here’s a list of some fashion basics to have.

1. A classic white tee or white collared shirt. You can add a layered necklace, or a scarf to make a plain white shirt look interesting.
2. A black blazer. You can wear it over a casual tee and a pair of shorts, or with skinny jeans and a tank top.
3. A scarf or a bandana. A scarf is a practical fashion essential that you can use with just about any outfit. A plain or solid-colored scarf will complement your striped or polka dot dress, or a leopard printed scarf will go well with a plain top.
4. A plain long-sleeved shirt or turtle neck. Although turtlenecks don’t complement all figures, you can still wear one by layering it with a denim dress or even a printed sleeveless dress. It’ll be a good ensemble when you hang out with friends at malls in Alabang.
5. Belt, belts and more belts. You can use it on a dress or wear it over a plain tee.

Finding Fashion Essentials at Malls in Alabang

Fashion Must-haves

Before you start your shopping, take an inventory of what you already have in your closet. If you think that you need to update your fashion look to match the fashionable 2016, add these fashion must-haves on your shopping list.

1. Two to three pieces of tailored pants. You can wear it over a dress and layer it up with a sleeveless blazer. Although this ensemble may not go well in warm weather, there’s always December to try it out.
2. Cardigans and other knitted tops. They are not just great during cold months, but knitted tops are also great to pair with a pair of skinny jeans, colorful tops, or even worn as is.
3. Striped shirts or dress. A classic striped shirt will go well with a pair of skinny jeans or shorts, matched with a long necklace. You will also look fashionable in a striped black or gray dress accessorized with a red belt and red ballet flats. The look is simply perfect for hanging out at Vista Malls Alabang.

Buy Accessories at Vista Malls Alabang

For a classic look, try the all-black attire. This is easy to pair with colorful accessories, or even with your mom’s classic pearls. So invest in nice accessories that you can use with your different outfits to match different occasions. Have a good pair of dangling earrings, a layered necklace, a basic pearl accessory set, as well as different types of belts and scarves. For sure, you’ll find the perfect accessories for your wardrobe at malls in Alabang.

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