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A Vista Local Christmas

It’s the height of the holiday season, which means Metro Manila is crowded, shopping malls are packed, and streets clogged with notorious December traffic. Those of us who live near a Vista Lifestyle Mall are lucky, since everything we need is just around the corner, sparing us the stress of having to drive away from our communities and contend with holiday mayhem. This also allows us to localize our Christmas; i.e., we eat, enjoy, shop, and spend local, by supporting the local businesses that support the area where we live, work and play. In other words, we don’t have to go beyond our neighborhoods, because Vista Lifestyle Malls support even our Christmas traditions.

For Noche Buena, for example, we can shop in the flagship groceries of the Vista Lifestyle Mall nearest us; or, at the weekly Producer’s Market in Evia. After Simbang Gabi, we can treat ourselves to bibingka, puto bumbong, and other Filipino delicacies, and down them with salabat. For gifts we’d love to give, and receive, our merchants have them all. It’s holiday shopping without the crowds, without the frenzy.

Enjoy Christmas Shopping at Vista Malls

And, when we do enjoy bonding time with family and friends, just head out to the Vista LIfestyle Mall in the evening, when we can enjoy the cool December breeze; take photos in Christmas-themed attractions — if you’re in Evia, for example, Santa’s House and the Christmas Village; and, have many dining options, including the periodic weekend grill events we love to pig out in.

Christmas Village at Vista Malls Evia Lifestyle Center

So really, why spend your hard-earned money elsewhere?

This Christmas, let’s be Vista Locals. Remember, too, that we can be Vista Locals all throughout 2015, and beyond.