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Very Useful Graduation Gifts for College-bound Graduates

Graduation is an exciting time, but it can also cause anxiety, especially for a friend or a loved one who’s leaving home for the first time to attend college. Though it may be hard to leave the comforts of home, he/she shouldn’t fear leaving the nest for college because it’s one way to expand one’s horizon and be challenged by new experiences. To help them overcome their anxiety or fear, give them these graduation gifts that will be very useful in their everyday college life.


A stylish backpack or tote bag

Bags may not be the most exciting or glamorous graduation gifts, but it is guaranteed to be appreciated long after the tassels are turned and the caps tossed in the air. Buy a quality backpack or tote bag at Vista Malls Alabang that has lots of storage space for college-bound grad’s stuffs like laptops and books. Be sure to pick one that suits the graduate’s style and preference too.




Gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop

This is perfect especially when your grad starts waking up early to catch class or pushing through late night studying for exams.

gift certificates



Bathroom Essentials Gift Basket

Moving out on your own can be overwhelming. Get your grad off on the right foot by getting these ultimate dorm essentials. Buying these supplies at Vista Malls Alabang as a kit will save you time and money instead of buying them separately.

bathroom essentials




Choose one that’s cute and handy with multiple usb slots so they can charge more than one device. Your friend or loved one will thank you for keeping their batteries going whenever they need it.

power bank



A Journal

Buy a beautiful journal or scrapbook and pass it around during the graduation ceremony or graduation party where everyone can write a simple message for the graduating friend or loved one. The real gifts are the thoughts and bits of advice that family and friends can record, making this a gift both deeply personal and meaningful.




Handmade quilt or blanket

Everyone needs something to snuggle with when they’re away from home. A handmade quilt or blanket embroidered with pictures that will remind him/her of happy memories is truly a great gift that will be treasured forever.



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