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How Not to Be a Turnoff at a Party or Meeting

A beautiful face is a sight to see. But when it comes to the total package it does take a lot more than just pretty good looks and a great physique. It can be a source of consternation for some people to see a gorgeous guy or gal who cannot contribute intelligently to a conversation, or whose topics are limited to the season’s hottest nail colors or the “baddest” video games. Although being pretty can get you places, it can only get you so far!

If you want proof, watch this vid.

Read books and make sure you have enough arsenal between the ears to make for long and interesting exchanges with equally interesting people. No matter where your interests lie– in science fiction, fantasy, history, business, wellness, or anything under the sun, Powerbooks has a wide assortment of books and mags that will surely give you lots of great and important things to learn to make you an attractive conversant… someone people will want to get to know more!

Powerbooks at Evia Lifestyle Center

Check out the Powerbooks store at Evia Lifestyle Center. Take a stack and read at leisure at one of Evia’s cafes as you enjoy Evia’s uniquely Italian ambience.

Powerbooks at Evia Lifestyle Center Vista Malls

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