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Top 7 Movies To Watch With Your Dad

This Father’s Day, instead of buying a gift for your dad, why not ask him to join you on a movie marathon at home? We’re pretty sure he would love to spend time and hang out with you more than to receive any material gift you could give. Here are our top picks of movies you can watch with your dad on their special day. You can watch these flicks at websites offering free streaming movies.

1. Finding Nemo
Marlin’s desperate drive to find and rescue his son is heartbreaking, affirming and wonderful. If you’re looking to wordlessly remind your dad that’s he’s always been there for you, then look no further.

Movies to Watch With Your Dad on Father's Day

2. The Pursuit of Happyness
Warning: this movie will bring a lot of feels. You and your dad should make sure your box of tissues or hankies are ready.

Father's Day Movies

3. Field of Dreams
It’s the ultimate dad movie, centered entirely on the complicated relationship a child has with his father, and the memories they share together. This is worthy to be searched and watched on any free streaming movies websites out there.

Movies for Father's Day

4. Big Fish
This movie is all about the troubled love and reconciliation between a father and his son.

Movies for Father's Day

5. Father of the Bride
There’s nothing that puts a father through the wringer like his daughter’s wedding. This film is funny and heart-warming at the same time.

Movies to Watch With Your Dad

6. Shaun of the Dead
Have another great laugh with your dad with this cool and hilarious flick about a zombie apocalypse.

7. The James Bond Series
If your dad’s a fan of the suave British spy, but never thought you were old enough to watch the films with him, now’s the perfect time to rediscover them together.

Father's Day Flicks by Vista Malls

We sure hope you and your dad had a fun time celebrating Father’s day watching these flicks!

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