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Top 7 Graduation Gift Ideas for College Graduates

It’s almost graduation season and chances are, you have someone in the family who is graduating from college. If you are stumped as to what is the best graduation gift you can give to the special graduate in your life, perhaps our little list could help you.

1. Graduation Party
Graduations are a time for families to gather and celebrate. They are milestones of great meaning and joy. For proud parents, giving a graduation party can be a gift to their kids they will never forget.

grad party

2. Vacation/Travel Voucher
Whether it’s a solo or family trip, a vacation voucher can be the sweetest gift we can give to a college grad. A time for relaxation and enjoyment is best appreciated after years of books, exams, stress and deadlines.


3. Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”
Best graduation book ever. Although it’s a classic children’s book, it’s also a popular graduation gift for college grads. It’s a wonderfully optimistic book that will definitely make your graduate smile, no matter what his/her age.

Dr. Seuss book

4. Bag
When your college grad starts applying for a job or gets ready to enter the workforce, he/she will need a sturdy and reliable work bag to carry all his/her important stuff..


5. Give them something they can use for their entire career.
Does your college grad plan to pursue a career in IT or writing? You could give a brand new laptop or pocket wifi that would allow him/her to work comfortably. Anything that they can use for their new job would be a great help.


6. A heirloom
A family heirloom like a set of gold earrings or necklace can be given as a graduation gift. It can be worn on special occasions or even on job interviews.


7. A Nice Dress
Fresh grads who are planning to look for jobs after graduation will be judged primarily on how they present themselves during job interviews. Gift them with a decent corporate attire they can wear on their hunt for a job.

corporate attire

Hopefully, you’ll find something on this list which will perfect for your college graduate.

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