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Tips On How To Stay Healthy This Summer

Summer is here! It’s time to go on a break, hit the beach and enjoy the sun and sea. But the biting heat of the summer sun can take a toll on your health. Reports of heat stroke is not surprising, as well as sunburn and premature aging from too much sun exposure. Dehydration could be a problem too. So, to enjoy the summer sun without compromising your health, here are some tips on how you can stay healthy this summer.

1. Drink plenty of water and stay cool. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day or even more if you are exercising or sweating it out. If you are going out on a trip, bring a water container.

Vista Malls Tips On How To Stay Healthy This Summer

2. Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from too much sun exposure, which may cause premature aging and sun spots or age spots.

3. Use sunblocks with SPFs to protect skin from the damage caused by too much sun exposure.

4. Keep an exercise program. You are on summer break, but it doesn’t mean that you‘ll skip exercise. Go on hiking, swimming, try different water sports, or learn a new hobby like tennis, or golf perhaps.

Vista Malls Lakefront Boardwalk Tips On How To Stay Healthy This Summer

5. Eat fruits and vegetables. Summer fruits like watermelon and melon are indeed refreshing. You can even make it into a fruit shake! And oh, don’t forget the coconut milk and the all-time Filipino summer cooler, the halo-halo.

6. Drink your supplements. The heat of the sun can make lots of people succumb of different illnesses. So, regularly take supplements that can help boost your immune system and keep you healthy. It’ll be best to enjoy summer when you’re healthy, right?

Tips On How To Stay Healthy This Summer  Vista Malls Lakefront Boardwalk

7. Go out and enjoy the summer with your family and friends. Sharing good laughs and fond memories with the people you care for is actually good for your health. Spend an afternoon at Lakefront Boardwalk and enjoy good food and conversation; it will surely take the stress away.

8. Breathe in, breathe out. You’ve been working really hard to earn good money and provide for your family. But you needed to take some breather and rejuvenate. You’ll find renewed stamina, focus and determination.

Tips On How To Stay Healthy This Summer Vista Malls

9. Enjoy the great outdoors and don’t let the heat of the sun should not keep you from enjoying summer. So, take a walk in the park, enjoy an afternoon at Lakefront Boardwalk, or go to the beach and feel the sand on your feet.

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