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Tips On how To Save Money On Your Grocery Budget

One thing about being single is that you basically only fend for yourself, unless you’re also supporting your family. Most singles, though, basically just have their selves to worry about. When you only have yourself to feed, you don’t tend to think that much about the amount of money you spend on food. Buying at convenience stores, frequently eating out or ordering take-out is no big deal for you. During the times you find the inspiration to cook, running to the grocery at Vista Malls to buy ingredients often ends up with you grabbing whatever you happen to find appetizing.

When the time comes that you’re already married and have kids, it will be an altogether different story. If right now you don’t even have a food budget, then you’ll find yourself unable to sleep, trying to figure out how to manage your finances considering all the obligations you have to pay for. It’s best to acquire discipline in handling your money now in order to prepare for the future, and let’s start with your grocery budget.

Vista Malls Tips on How to Save on Your Groceries

Set a budget and stick to it.
If your monthly budget for groceries is P8,000, then make sure that your weekly grocery spending is just about P2,000. If you go just a little over, that’ll be fine, but spending less than your budget is even better.

Create a weekly menu.
It may be a bit time-consuming, but planning your menu for the week and making a list of all the ingredients and other stuff that you need to buy will help in cutting down your expenses. This will also help in making sure that you don’t miss buying anything, hence keeping you from making additional trips to the grocery store at Vista Malls, which may even end up with you buying items not on your list. If your weekly menu, however, exceeds your weekly budget, then look for alternative dishes that are still delicious yet more affordable.

Tips on Saving on Your Grocery Budget  by Vista Malls

Create a standard list of items you usually buy aside from food items.
Write down all the grocery items that you usually buy like cleaning materials, breakfast food, and snacks. Going for additional trips to the grocery store may end up with you spending more money than saving, so make sure to already include these items on your list whenever you go grocery-shopping.

Only buy the things you need.
Self-control is the key to success in grocery-shopping because it will keep you from buying items you don’t really need. Although it is difficult, practicing self-control will refrain you from hoarding items on sale, which may only end up in your kitchen cabinet for weeks and even months. Just stick to your list and go directly to the aisles where you’ll find the items you need. Don’t linger in the other aisles because that is when the temptation to splurge or buy random things comes in. Once you are done with your grocery shopping, leave the store as soon as possible.

Saving on your grocery budget

Leave your kids at home
Moms know all too well that tagging along their kids to the grocery store will simply spell budget disaster. Kids have their way of manipulating adults with their adorable cuteness and irresistible pouting lips when they want something, and if you don’t give in to what they want, you may even have to deal with a tantrum. So, if you want to do your grocery-shopping in peace, it would be best not to bring any kids along.

Saving on Grocery Budget by Vista Malls

Following these 5 simple tips will save you lots of money on your grocery budget. So, head out to the shopping malls in the Philippines that can give you the most value for your money. If you want to know more money saving tips, home management tips and other practical tips on how to live life to the fullest, like us on Facebook at or follow us on Instagram at Vistamallsofficial.