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The Season of Lent

Arguably, lent has evolved throughout the years — or devolved, if some people are to be asked. This solemn liturgical celebration has been, as most holidays had become, stripped of nearly all religious elements, bringing it down to just a long weekend. Rituals, though still observed in many parts of the country, have been replaced by hotel reservations. As for visiting churches, well, fewer and fewer people do. Beach resorts, vacation homes, and travel destinations have become the places to be for lent.

Vista Malls Joins the Nation in Observance of the Lenten Season

This is, however, not a bad thing. As God is Everywhere, and God is All, then whatever we do, or wherever we are, there God is. This philosophy is something we can live by, not just during Holy Week. For example, yes, we can spend the entire Holy Week in the beach, and there God is, therefore pick up after yourself, don’t litter, and yes, respect Mother Earth. Yes, some of us abstain from meat on Fridays, but as a form of respect for God’s creatures, why not practice abstinence the rest of the year? As for eating only seafood during lent, well, our seas are over-fished, so wouldn’t it be disrespectful for us to continue insisting on having our favorites? Sure, we’re unable to visit churches during Holy Week, but aren’t are bodies our temples as well? This means, why not respect it, this gift to us from God, by eating right, keeping fit, and staying healthy?

Whatever we do for lent, let’s practice it throughout the year. Respect for God, our Source, means respect for All, including all of creation, the environment we live in, the animals we live with, and the bodies we have. This also means respecting each other.