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The Perfect Partners for Coffee

From breakfast to desserts, here are five mouth-watering Filipino delicacies that are best served side by side with a steaming cup of coffee.

1. Pandesal
Filipinos love to eat pandesal (salt bread) for breakfast. It is usually dipped in coffee or filled with kesong puti and other spreads. The best-tasting pandesal are those cooked in a large pugon (oven) like in Pan De Manila at The Village Center Antipolo.

Perfect With Coffee

2. Tuyo at Sinangag
Another breakfast favorite is tuyo and sinangag. Together with coffee, this is a match made in heaven.

The Best Food To Pair With Coffee

3. Kakanin
We love kakanin and coffee as merienda. The sweetness of these Filipino native delicacies made of glutinous rice, coconut or root crops are balanced out by the strong flavor of coffee.

Food To Pair With Coffee

4. Donuts
Whether plain or fancy, homemade or bought at a local bakery or at Dunkin Donuts at Lakefront Wharf in Sucat, donuts have become an alternative merienda for Filipinos. Donuts come in variant flavors and shapes which make them a perfect pair for coffee.

Coffee Partners

5. Pancit
Pancit is a food staple in every Filipino home, especially during special occasions. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, merienda or dinner, and is best chugged down with hot and tasty coffee.

Best Combinations for Coffee

How about you, what do you like best with your coffee?

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