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Summer Fun Activities for Young Children

Are you looking for activities that your little kids will enjoy this summer? If you are, here are some summer activities that your children will surely enjoy. You don’t have to spend that much because you can hold these activities right at your own backyard.

Set Up A Scavenger Hunt
For kids who love adventure, setting up a scavenger hunt around your home, yard and around your neighborhood will surely make their summer afternoon fun and enjoyable. Following the Amazing Race format, list down items that they need to find wherein the items will serve as clues for them to find the next item until they reached the goal. Winners, of course, will receive a special prize like a good food trip at Evia restaurants Daang Hari.
Vista Malls Evia Summer Fun Activities for Young Children


Enjoy Backyard Camping
Bring out your camping gears and set up a tent in your backyard, lit a bonfire and share scary stories. It’ll be a good time to teach them about the constellation too, so set up a telescope, lay down in the grass, count and name the stars. For sure, your kids will remember your camping night.
Evia Lifestyle Center Summer Fun Activities for Young Children


Explore and Enjoy Hiking
Going for a hike will teach your kids patience and determination. It will also teach them how to appreciate nature. But to make hiking more fun for your kids, prepare a scavenger hunt game. Ask your kids to look for common items and plants that they will see along the trail like a specific fruit bearing tree, flowers and shrubs. Of course, it’ll be more fun if you can prepare a small prize for your kids like eating out in one of the Evia restaurants in Daang Hari.
Evia Vista Malls Summer Fun Activities for Young Children


Water Play
Set up an inflatable wading pool in your backyard and throw a small water party for your little one. Invite your kid’s playmates or cousins to make it more enjoyable. Provide them with small buckets, cups or rubber toys that they can play with while in the pool. If you have a sprinkler, it’ll be fun too. Your teens may also enjoy playing with the water sprinklers.
Evia Summer Fun Activities for Children


Play Tag
Make summer evenings enjoyable by playing tag. Tag is a classic game that you surely enjoyed during your younger years, and your kids will surely love the same. But to make it more enjoyable, use flashlights to shine and tag the ‘it’ person, which adds a little twist to the game.
Summer Fun Activities for Young Children  at Evia Vista Malls


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