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Summer Beach Must-Haves For Kids

Summer is almost over yet it’s never too late for you and your family to head off to the beach. Whether you live near the beach or planning a vacation to get to one, it’s important to know what beach essentials to bring for your kids. From beach bags to protection kits, we’ve rounded up the items your kids will be needing for your much-anticipated beach visit.

1. Beach Toys
Kids love digging and building in the sand, so don’t forget to pack up your kids’ favorite sand and water toys like plastic pails and shovels to ensure hours of fun. Visit a Vista Mall nearest you for a variety of beach toys your kids will enjoy.

Kids' Beach Must-Haves by Vista Malls

2. Beach bag for kids
Kids would surely love these because they can put all their beach essentials inside. They don’t have to ask you for their toys, towels or arm floaters since they’re already carrying these items with them. These cute bags can be purchased in any of the shopping malls in Manila, Philippines.

Must-Haves for Kids on the Beach

3. Protection kits
Sunglasses for the eyes, sunscreen for the skin and additional clothing to stay covered from the sun are all wonderful items to bring along for added protection for your kids. Bringing a first-aid kit with band aids, antibiotic creams, medicines and other essentials is also an excellent idea.

Vista Malls Beach Must-haves for Kids

4. Floatation devices
Floatation devices like rafts, lifebuoys and arm floaties are recommended for kids, even for those who have recently learned how to swim, for safety purposes. Choose colorful and cute floatation devices to encourage your kids to use them and not be afraid of the water.

Must-Haves for Kids This Summer

5. Water and Snacks
Being in the sun all day long can dehydrate your kids. So, make sure you bring a large cooler where you can store bottled water and other cold drinks for your family. You could also prepare light snacks for them such as fresh fruits and sandwiches. This is a great way to save money instead of buying from the beach concession stands.

Must-Haves for Kids This Summer

6. Cellphone/Camera
Don’t forget to bring your camera! You surely wouldn’t want to miss capturing every single moment with your kids on the beach. You may want to purchase a waterproof case for it so it won’t get wet during your stay.

Summer Must-Haves on the Beach for Kids

Enjoy your trip to the beach!

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