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Stockpile on Food and Supplies Before Typhoon Hits

Typhoons are common in the Philippines, but they’re becoming more powerful over the years. This means that the chances of you being cooped up at home with your families for days on end is greater now than ever before. Being prepared during emergency situations is a wise thing to do, especially if you live in cities which easily get flooded.

While we are hoping for the best, we should be prepared to face the worst case scenario. If your family has been instructed to evacuate by the local government, do so. Do not be afraid to leave your home and belongings in exchange for your security and safety. If your area is really in danger, pack a light bag with the essentials and secure your belongings. You can waterproof them and keep them in a high place for when you come back to your house.

If you have the time to haul most of your things to a safer place, such as the house of a relative whose house is located on very high ground, do so. It will be better if you stay there and ride out the storm in safety.

Stockpile on Food and Supplies from Vista Malls

Essential Supplies That You Could Find at Vista Malls

For those whose homes are safer and are located on high ground, you should also prepare for the storm by stocking up on supplies. Days before the storm arrives, you can go to any of the Vista Mall branches in the metropolis and stock up on essential supplies for your family.

Water – your watery delivery station may not open for a few days so stock up on clean, potable water. Get the big containers for your family’s supply and keep small, personal-sized water bottles inside your emergency back up. Each family members should have at least three bottles of water inside his or her bag.

Canned Goods – Easy open and easy to eat food is best. You need food that is easy to prepare when there is no power or when the weather is really bad. You don’t want to spend hours preparing meals when you may need to evacuate any time.

Biscuits and Candies – These are good to have at home as well as inside emergency kits. Again because they are easy to eat and replenish energy fast in case you are stranded somewhere.

Batteries – Get extra batteries for flashlights and portable radios.

Ziplock Bags – get a lot of ziplock bags so you can waterproof your cellphones, chargers, powerbanks and even tablets. You may have to carry them inside your bags or bring them with you when you evacuate. Since these are essential communication tools which serve as your contact to the outside world and to members of your family, best to keep them safe and dry.

Flashlights – Each member of the family should have a small one inside his or her pocket or inside the emergency bag.

Whistles – Easy to buy, inexpensive and portable. Whistles can help a lot of people during emergency situations. Teach your kids how to use them properly and how to use the whistle to call for help.

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