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Start the New Year Right with Vista Malls

We’ve finally hurdled through Christmas, and we’re heading toward a New Year, and as we’ll be barreling down 2015, let’s take a look at our hopes for the coming year.

We enjoyed several openings this year: Powerbooks and Shakey’s at Evia Lifestyle Center; Burger King in Vista Paseo in Pampanga, and later this year, in Evia; and, Conti’s at the Laurel Mansion at Vista 515 Shaw. We’re hoping to see even more merchants open in 2015.

Burger King at Vista Malls

We’ve attended several events this year: Overdrive at The Village Center Antipolo; our al fresco weekend habit, the Lakefront Sunset Grill with BAGA Manila at Lakefront; and, the Vista Fiesta Grandeat Evia Lifestyle Center. We’re hoping to enjoy even more events in 2015.

Sunset Grill at Vista Malls

Overdrive  at Vista Malls

We’d like to continue enjoying the events that endeared Vista Lifestyle Malls to us, like the car-free weekends, trunk sales, food bazaars, outdoor mall events, and of course, events for our favorite pets like “It’s a Dog’s Life”; at the same time, enjoy even more unique events. We’re open to surprises!

It's a Dog's Life at Vista Malls

Food Bazaar at Vista Malls

Trunk Sale at Vista Malls

When we look back at 2014, we can say: Here’s what we’ve got within our neighborhood. So far, so good!

We’re so looking forward to this year that our motto has become: Make It Vista in 2015!