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Six Clever Hacks That Will Help You Organize Your Kids’ Stuff

If your goal this 2016 is to keep your house clean by organizing your kids’ stuffsand at the same time follow some home feng shui tips, then here are some clever hacks that will help you achieve this goal.

1. One important home feng shui tip for this year is to declutter your home to attract prosperity and luck. Start cleaning your children’s rooms by making a zoo for your kids’ stuffed toys using hampers, empty boxes and crates.

stuffed toy zoo

2. If your boys have too many toys cars, use toilet paper rolls to create a garage for them. Paint it blue since blue is the lucky color for this year.

toy car garage

3. For your little girl’s hair ties, clips and barrettes, use clear craft boxes to keep them in one place with easy visibility.

hair accessories box

4. Use a shoe organizer to hold your daughter’s Barbie collection. Hang them high because according to home feng shui tips this year, tall and columnar shapes have the ability to draw energy upward.

barbie doll organizer

5. Line up those baseball caps by using a hanger and some curtain rings.

baseball cap organizer

6. Use fruit baskets to store your children’s books and toys in the bathroom.

bathroom toys organizer

We hope these hacks provided the help you needed in organizing your home!

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