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After Simbang Gabi, Breakfast at Vista Malls

The 9-day Simbang Gabi, or dawn mass, starts today, with Roman Catholics all over the world waking up and flocking to church.

Originally, these early morning masses were meant to symbolize the Christ child’s actual birth time, but as in most ancient doctrines, they were eventually adjusted to a more convenient time. The tradition, which could be traced back to Mexico in 1587, when the pope granted Fray Diego de Soria’s petition to hold Christmas mass outside the convent of San Agustin Acolman to address a huge crowd, was brought to the Philippines in the 17th century.

Enjoy Life at Vista Malls

In the Philippines, church bells signaled the advent of Simbang Gabi, while our parols, or Christmas lanterns, lit the dark paths toward the church. There’s a reason why the parols are shaped like stars — they were meant to point the faithful toward the church much like the star that led the Three Kings to the manger.

Today, however, the Simbang Gabi has again been usurped by modern convenience, with anticipated masses held the previous night instead of in the morning, though it really doesn’t matter when it’s held, as long as the true essence of it is embraced. And, once you’ve completed all 9 days, you are able to make a wish!

An immediate wish for most would be to satisfy those empty stomachs by heading to the nearest Vista Malls branch for breakfast, or dinner, depending on the time of the mass, and as these lifestyle centers would have it, there are many kinds of meals to choose from.