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Seven Awesome Egg Hacks You Should Try

From creating delicious egg dishes to perfecting heart-shaped eggs, these eggcellent kitchen tricks will teach you how to take your eggs to the next level. Get ready for some eggciting egg hacks.

1. Make a mushroom salad using hard-boiled egg and tomatoes.

This is one of those yummy egg dishes that’s easy to prepare. Cut the eggs and tomatoes in half. Place the tomatoes on top of the eggs. Use toothpicks and mayonnaise to make dots on the tomato. Then place your ‘mushroom’ on a bed of leafy vegetables. Serve the dressing separately.

Egg and Tomatoes

Egg Dish

2. Make egg waffles

Use your waffle maker to make one stunning egg scramble or square-shaped eggs.

Egg Waffles

3. Create a magical “golden egg.”

All you need is a shirt and good arm muscles to do this trick.

Egg Trick

Egg Trick 2

Egg Trick 3

4. Make heart-shaped eggs

Treat your special someone and prepare heart-shaped eggs for breakfast. You will need a carton, chopsticks and rubber bands. Here’s how to do it:

5. Make a huge batch of sunny side-up eggs.

Bake eggs in a muffin tin to create multiple, perfect sunny side-up eggs just like those served in fastfood restaurants.

Egg Muffin

6. Fry eggs in vegetables

Another of our favorite egg dishes is fried egg inside veggies. Use colorful sliced pepper or onion rings to shape and flavor your fried eggs. These make for a healthier and prettier breakfast.

Egg Vegetables

7. Wanna check if your eggs are still good? Do the Float Test.

Egg Test

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