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Remembering Robin Williams

In "The World According to Garp", Robin Williams played a character who was on the track and field team, as well as the wrestling team. This was not far from what Robin was in real life. In high school he was on the soccer, and wrestling teams. He was later enamored with cycling, often cycling along the Bay Area, with his trainer, who acted more as a motivator rather than a fitness coach. His friendship with Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong. He is not just a regular celebrity cyclist who owns an expensive bike. He owns more than fifty high-end racing bikes including some limited editions which do not even appear in bike magazines.

The manic energy of Robin Williams on stage is unbelievable. His stand-up comedy stints are full-on two hour marathon full of laugh, impersonations, impressions, and satire. Stand up comedians can only shake their heads in envy and disbelief at what he does. He is a legend even among legendary comics.

On August 11th, the world stopped with the sad news of his demise.

We pay tribute and say our goodbyes to a man who wore a hundred different faces – but made us laugh all the time.

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