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Quick and Fun to Make Chocolate Snacks

This yummy treat is so easy and fun to make, you can even let your kids help you. All the ingredients you need can be bought at Paseo Lifestyle Center or at any supermarket near you.

What you need: Chocolates, sprinklers and chocolate mold.

Step 1: Put your chocolates in a microwave-safe oven and melt it in the microwave. After that, stir it with a fork so no lump would form and set aside.

Quick Choco Snacks for your Kids from Vista Malls

Step 2: Put your sprinkles in the chocolate mold.

Vista Malls Quick Choco Snacks

Step 3: Use a rubber spatula to spread the melted chocolate on top of the sprinkles on the mold.

Vista Malls Quick Choco Snack Recipe

Step 4: Put the mold in the refrigerator but not in the freezer as frozen chocolates tend to crack when taken out of its mold.


Step 5: After 10 minutes, your chocolate snack is ready. Turn the mold upside down in a plate and pop the chocolate candies out with your fingers. Use a knife to trim the edges.

Quick Choco Snack Recipe from Vista Malls

Time to eat!


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