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Practical and Fun Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Husbands

If there’s anything husbands would like to receive on Valentine’s Day, it would surely not be anything material. But aside from precious time with the wife, here are other Valentines gift ideas that husbands will most probably like.

1. The Force is strong with this Star Wars breakfast mold. Husbands are really just big kids at times, and even they wouldn’t be able to resist ‘The Force.’

star wars molder

2. A pair of sexy yet practical boxer shorts. They definitely need these, and you can have fun choosing the designs you’d like him to wear, too!

superman boxers

3. A nice shaving kit. A shaving cream and a razor are not enough – husbands need to take care of their skin, too. Gifting him with some pre-shave oil, shaving cream (of course), a brush, and after-shave balm will surely help him achieve that clean and fresh look you so love.

shaving kit

4. A nice, long massage. With all the stress your husband may be experiencing at work, a nice, long and soothing body massage will surely be appreciated.


5. A big gift box. Big enough that YOU can fit in it. What better present can he ask for, right?

wife in a box

So, what gift do you think your husband will like?

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