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The Plus Side of Reading to Your Child

Children need quantity time with their parents – this is a universally accepted fact. The problem, however, is that the modern family finds it hard to even exchange pleasantries with one another because each member has some things keeping him or her busy.

Both mom and dad are busy with work, and the higher their positions in their respective organizations are, the more work they do to the extent that they even have to take their work home. The children are left with their nannies and have only their gadgets and video games as “playmates”. It is high time for parents to relax a little and exert extra effort to ensure that work time does not interfere with their time with the family, especially with the kids.

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If you think spending time with the children means driving somewhere, or needs a lot of money, well, think again. Have you ever considered simply reading stories to your children every night before they go to sleep? Aside from being able to spend precious time with your kids, reading to them could also bring about numerous benefits, such as:

  • It makes your children better prepared to enter school – when you read to your children, they learn to express themselves through both written and verbal communication, and they learn new words, thus building their vocabulary. It also helps improve their memory and imagination, as well as their ability to concentrate. All these skills will greatly help once your children start attending school.
  • It increases the chances of your kids doing good in school – numerous studies have shown that children who were raised in an environment where reading was a habit tend to be more successful in school.
  • It helps children better appreciate reading – when you snuggle with your kids and read to them with enthusiasm, they get the attitude that reading and learning is fun, and as they grow up this kind of attitude stays with them.
  • It teaches children important life lessons – the stories contained in books will help your kids to better understand the values you are trying to teach them every day. For instance, Aesop fables can teach them about honesty, love and kindness, and they’ll be able to understand the importance of these values better than simply telling them about it.

While it needs a lot of time and commitment, the abovementioned benefits of reading to your children will be all worth it in the long run. Hence, it is high time you visit Powerbooks at the Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Pinas City to get the latest, most informative, and highly interesting books that your children will surely enjoy.