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Pinoy Comfort Food For The Cold and Rainy Season

On cold and rainy days, nothing warms our heart and tummy better than a hot meal. Here are 6 kinds of Pinoy comfort food you can enjoy during the wet weather.

1. Ginataang Bilo-bilo
This warm concoction of glutinous rice balls, bananas, ripe jack fruit, sweet potatoes and sago stewed in coconut milk is the ideal afternoon snack when the weather is cold.

Pinoy Comfort Food

2. Lugaw
Lugaw is rice porridge topped with scallions, toasted garlic and egg. Paired with tokwa’t baboy, lugaw is one of the most sought-after comfort food during rainy days.

Comfort Food For The Rainy Days

3. Champorado
Top this off with milk and tuyo and you’ve got a warm bowl of chocolate rice porridge to beat the rainy day blues.

Comfort Food During Cold Weather

4. Mami
Mami is a noodle soup topped with tender beef brisket or chicken strips and egg. This is best served in cold weather because of the warming effect of the soup.

Yummy Pinoy Comfort Food

5. Puto at Dinuguan
Dinuguan or pork blood stew is usually eaten during lunch or dinner, but served in a small bowl paired with puto (rice cake), it becomes an appetizing rainy day snack.

Pinoy Comfort Food by Vista Malls

6. Bulalo
This beef shank and marrow soup is one of the most popular Pinoy dishes. One serving of bulalo will definitely make you feel warm on cold days.

Comfort Food for the Cold Weather

What about you, what Pinoy comfort food is your favorite?

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