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Nutritious and Delicious Baon You Can Prepare For Your Kids

Preparing your kid’s “baon” for a whole week can be tough. It is quite a challenge to think of delicious and nutritious snacks for them, but with some determination and creativity, it can be done. Here are some ideas to help you out in preparing yummy but healthy snacks they’ll surely love.

Prepare a balanced meal that consists of the three food groups

A good example of this is rice matched with fish, pork or chicken, together with a small amount of vegetables and some slices or pieces of fruits. This will give your kids the boost of energy they need to last the entire day.

Nutritious Baon by Vista Malls

Use fruits as a side dish or as a healthy drink

Fruits are packed with lots of vitamins and minerals. They are generally sweet and loved by kids. There are many ways you can prepare fruits as baon. They can be a side dish and served in whole, cut in halves, sliced, cubed or in wedges. There are also canned and dried fruits. You can also turn fruits into nutritious drinks by making smoothies or juices out of them.

Nutritious Goodies For Your Kids

Be creative with your vegetables

One of the best baon ideas is to cut your veggies into small pieces to make them look more appetizing to kids. Use cookie cutters to turn veggies into star or heart-shaped nutritious goodies. You could also put them into bento boxes together with fruits and sandwiches to make one colorful and appetizing baon.

Cool Baon For The Kids

Use different fillings for sandwiches

Use different spreads and dressings each day so your kids won’t get bored or tired of eating their sandwiches. You could also use fillings like eggs, chicken strips, tuna and cheese. Add cut-up vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and cucumber for added fiber.

Yummy and Nutritious Baon

Include milk and fruit juices for beverages

This will help assure your kids of a nutritious drink and also save you needless expenses on carbonated beverages. But drinking water is important, too. Make sure that your kids are drinking clean and enough water.

Preparing Baon For Your Kids

These yummy and healthy snacks will not only teach your kids to eat nutritious food but will also fuel them through all of their school day activities.

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