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Noche Buena Favorites

Christmas Eve is just around the corner, and for many of us, that means gathering around with family — by blood, affinity or community — around a table for Noche Buena, a midnight feast that tops the holiday season. There are many kinds of Noche Buena, of course, since it is found in the dining rooms of many Latin American cultures, but in The Philippines, according to, our Top 5 favorite dishes include: the red, round Quezo de BolaI; a glazed, and round, Hamon de Bola; rellenong bangus, which is packed with stuffing; paella, a dish we took from Spain; and, for dessert, a colorful fruit salad — think fruits, condensed milk, all-purpose cream, and grated cheese.

All of these ingredients, of course, can be found in your neighborhood Vista Malls.

Noche Buena at Vista Malls

If you want a broader list of favorites, has Top 10 favorite must-haves find in our Noche Buena table. The centerpiece, obviously, is roast suckling pig a.k.a. lechón, the tradition of which can be traced back to 15th century colonists in the Caribbean, who hunted, roasted and served pigs for Christmas Eve.

Enjoy Life at Vista Malls

Part of that list is barbecue, of all sorts, which you can have a lot of throughout the year at Vista Mall’s various gill events; as well as pasta dishes like spaghetti, which is also served in many Filipino birthdays, Macaroni Salad and Sotanghon Soup. Some dishes that are uniquely Filipino include hamonado, which is pork or chicken cooked in pineapple juice; lumpiang ubud, spring rolls made with the heart of coconut; and, puto and bibingka, rice cakes that are usually had after dawn masses.

For dessert, again, fruit salad makes the list, together with the creamy, caramel custard called leche flan, both of which could be downed with a hot, thick cup of tsokolate.

Enjoy Noche Buena Food at Vista Malls

Common to both lists is the red, round Quezo de Bola.

So dig up your favorite Noche Buena recipes, head for the nearest Vista Mall to load up on what you need, and then create that midnight feast that your loved ones can share.