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Mall Bonding with the Family: How to Make it Work

Without a doubt, one of the most popular weekend bonding activities of families nowadays is to go malling. Malls are built with a little bit of everything for everybody. Gone are the days when malls were simply places to shop at and dine in. At present, malls are conceptualized and created with the clients in mind, similar to what Vista Malls did when it created the Evia Lifestyle Center in the South of the metropolis. Since this mall took into consideration the needs, habits and lifestyles of its clients, it has become, more than a shopping center, a community of sorts.

Bond with Family at Evia Lifestyle Center

A lot of families come to Evia considering that there are lots to do here from early morning until late evening. You can get a dose of Vitamin D by taking a walk on its vicinity in the early morning, then get coffee and breakfast in its various dining places. You can come back once the main mall opens, and enjoy various activities from shopping to trying out different cuisines, and in the evening, you can enjoy good entertainment under the starlit sky in its activity center outdoors.

Bond with Family at Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Pinas

Since family malling is here to stay, it is important to make this activity as relaxing and convenient as possible. It should ultimately attain its purpose of keeping family members closer to one another, and happy enough to want to do this regularly. To ensure that mall activities with the family would be stress-free and truly a memorable experience, you can try giving each other some space. Keep in mind that you are not prisoners and this is not a “must-do” activity, hence, there should be some room where every member of the family can feel free to do his own thing even for a while especially if the children are no longer kids but teenagers. You can at least allot an hour where everybody can go wherever they want to inside the mall and buy or do whatever they want, and then all of you can just meet up to dine somewhere later on and enjoy good conversation. This way, the mood will be better and the conversation more free-flowing.

Family Bonding at Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Pinas

Family bonding is important to remain close and connected to one another, and if malling is the activity of choice by your family, then put some thought into it and go to a mall where there are a lot going on so that it has something to offer every member of the family.

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