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How to Make Blackouts Pleasant for You and Your Baby?

Staying at home with your baby during a power outage can either be a nightmare or a pleasant parent-baby date. Blackouts are times of excitement or irritation, especially that babies and blackout just don’t go together, so it is with diapers and crying. However, blackouts can be times of great fun for you and your baby. Here’s how to make your blackout nights and days with your baby as pleasant as ever:

Visit Vista Malls with your Baby

1. Do not stress out on the small stuff. Let the laundry stay put another day. Only do the essentials like changing diapers, feeding, bathing.

2. Find ways to entertain yourself and teach your baby. Play games like peek -a-boo and creating shadows, like using a flashlight.

3. This is the perfect time for you and baby to go on a mall adventure. Go to the nearby mall like Vista Malls for some fun mother and baby bonding activities.

For an exciting time every blackout you may visit the nearest Vista Mall from your home. This is a great advantage to those who live in Vista land.

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