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Life is Fresh at the Producers’ Market Every Saturday at Evia

Healthful smoothies made of sweet and tree-ripened fruits? How about a summer spaghetti with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes? What’s the Good Life without fabulous fresh produce for your heartwarming gourmet concoctions? Evia brings you the Producers’ Market with organic fruits and vegetables straight from the farm.

Vista Malls Evia Lifestyle Center Prodcuers Market

A delightful array of colorful fruits and vegetables await you for your fresh pickings. Our produce come from Batangas and Tagaytay and our farmer participants will be also be laying out a great assortment of prepared, farm-fresh products such as bottled natural fruit juices, jams and jellies, pies and cakes. A variety of beautiful, cooked dishes such as grilled meats and seafood will also be available for the kitchen-challenged or for those weekend family lunches when you just want to give the kitchen a rest and yourself some R and R with great food and family bonding! The Evia Producers’ Market is held each Saturday from 7AM to 2PM, at the Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang-Hari, Las Pinas City.

Participating Producers:

MoCa Farm — jams and jellies; special infusion vinegar, apron, tshirts, International Year of Family Farming merchandise, dried red hot pepper, chili sauce, dried malungay, Roselle juice, herbs and more

APO Farm — freshly harvest green and ripe mango

Vilela’s Farm — sugarcane juice (juicing on site), special sugarcane vinegar, sugarcane jam syrup and more farm products

RBasicNeeds — fresh vegetables and fruits, other farm products from our small family farm network like carabao milk soap, virgin coconut oil, etc.

Ruby’s Farm — honey products

Eya’s Farmlet — pickled green pepper.

Our partner farmers’ Chef friends from Breville will do on the spot juicing of their fresh harvest available vegetables, herbs and fruits.

Young team of young entrepreneurs who will offer "order your own combination of wrap and roll sandwich".