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Leasing Opportunities

Building communities has always been Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc.’s first love, and we’re bringing our expertise into our commercial developments, making them the ultimate destination malls of choice and possibly, your business goldmine. Here’s why.

First, our lifestyle centers have incredible locations. Our lifestyle centers are often nestled in areas with minimal or no outside noise and traffic, yet strategic with easy access to community residents, their visitors, and outside guests, making our malls convenient to get to. They are usually found within minutes of major highways and intersections, surrounded, or flanked, by the beauty of nature.

Second, our lifestyle centers address a captured market. We’ve got residents in our mixed-use enclaves, including those who live in high-end, midrange and lower scale neighborhoods. These are the customers your businesses will be constantly exposed to, aside from those that come from live and work in other neighboring residential, commercial and industrial communities.

Third, our lifestyle centers focus on community. Each of them play host to year-round events that are relevant and progressive; events that give back to the community, its residents and the environment; events that cater to artists, athletes, children, entrepreneurs, families, fashionistas, weekend warriors, and young adults, among others. This means that we attract visitors all-year round, potentially broadening your clientele and safeguarding a very positive business outlook.

Fourth, each of our lifestyle centers has its own character, whether it’s the Spanish-Moorish influence or the presence of natural surroundings like old-growth trees, rivers and lakes. Each of our lifestyle centers attracts its own clientele, giving you ample choices.

Setting up your business with us is a no-brainer, with a growing affluent market of residents and visitors, workforce and weekend regulars, all gravitating toward our lifestyle centers. Investing in our areas allows you to be part of this consciously integrated community of diverse influences, its thriving population, and the overall development, innovation and progress of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with VISTA LAND COMMERCIAL DIVISION. We will be happy to review your application.

Please refer to the following steps for merchant application:

    1. Requirements:
      - Description of concept/target market
      - Certified monthly gross sales from the last 12 months of operationsFor franchises:
      - Please attach a letter from the principal assigning you as a certified franchise holder
      - Photograph of existing stores, brochures/catalogues.

          1. BIR Certificate of Registration
            -The certificate should have a passport size photo of the proprietor
          2. Mayor’s Permit(to follow)
            -Owner’s name should be indicated as taxpayer and Tradename should be properly reflected in the permit.
            -Permit should be secured in Municipality/city where business is located.
          3. Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) of the contract signatory.
          4. Community tax certificate (Residence Certificate)
            - Owner’s name should be indicated as taxpayer
          5. Merchant Information Sheet
          1. BIR Certificate of Registration
          2. SEC Certificate of Registration
          3. Articles of Partnership/Incorporation and by-laws
          4. Mayors Permit (to follow)
            - Business name of tradename should be indicated as taxpayer.
            - Permit should be secured in Municipality/city where business is located.
          5. Taxpayer’s Identification number (TIN) of the Partnership/Corporation and the contract signatory
          6. Community Tax Certificate (residence certificate) of the Partnership/Corporation and the contract signatory.
          7. Secretary’s certificate/Board resolution (for Corporation only)
            - Designates the person authorized to negotiate & transact with the management (LESSOR’S name), and sign, execute, receive & deliver all documents & lease agreements such as but not limited to Contract of Lease.
            - Issued/signed by the Corporate Secretary of the LESSEE.
            - Exact name of the Corporation should be stated.
            - Duly notarized.
          8. Merchant Information Sheet
          9. Franchise Agreement (if any)
    2. Please make sure that upon submission of the form all requirements listed above are completed.
    3. Please send back the accomplished form together with the requirements as soon as possible to:
      G/F Marfori Tower, Lakefront Sucat, Muntinlupa City
      send it thru E-mail:
    4. The management shall give you feedback through a written letter regarding the status of your application.
    5. We shall conduct an interview, product presentation or food test should it be deemed necessary.
    6. Rental rates shall only be discussed once we have approved your concept and if there is a space available for you.

Please download Merchant Application Form here.

For more information and other leasing inquiries, please contact us at 9495504.