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Learn How To Make Palaspas For Palm Sunday

We all know that Palaspas is used on Palm Sunday to commemorate the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. And blessed Palaspas are nailed to doors and windows to ward off evil or bad luck from entering houses. But sometimes, did you ever wonder how Palaspas is created?

Vista Malls Celebrates Palm Sunday

Palaspas is made up of palm fronds from coconut trees intricately cut, folded and adorned with crepe papers you bought at any malls in Manila, Philippines. There are many types of Palaspas designs. It can be plaited into heart, cross, zigzag and whiplash designs.

Since the Holy Week is near, why not try to make your own Palaspas? Watch this video tutorials from Tinay Balaga and start creating your own.

Palaspas Heart Design

Palaspas Whiplash Design

Palaspas Zigzag Design

You’ll be beaming with pride when you bring that Palaspas on Palm Sunday knowing you’ve made it yourself.

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