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The Importance Of Family Bonding at Vista Malls

Cliché as it may sound, I am so pleased that the company I work for, Vista Malls, believes family is the most important unit in society. But is it given enough time these days considering how life has become fast paced?

Vista Malls Lakefront Wharf

I miss the days in the province when eating together was a MUST, may it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. You couldn’t eat away from the table and everyone. You couldn’t leave the table as well unless everyone was done. Many young people of today may not be able to relate to this. But YES, I believe that this old family tradition is a vital part of having strong family ties.

TODAY, only few families I know eat at least a single meal together. Most parents eat out and their kids spend long hours in coffee shops with their friends and come home late. I wouldn’t totally blame anyone since it has become the norm for both parents to work. Traffic gets worse everyday that they would rather leave the office late or spend time elsewhere to avoid traffic. But I believe there are ways to make sure families have some essential bonding time together.

Vista Malls Evia

According to the Daily Mail Reporter: Hectic work schedules are creating a generation of ‘Maybe Later’ children whose parents never have enough time to spend with them. The phrase comes from the response dished out when Mummy or Daddy are asked to play a game or read a story or simply run around the garden. Despite children being parents’ ‘absolute highest priority in life’, 80 per cent admit they don’t devote enough time to them, researchers found. In fact, according to their study, working parents spend less than an hour a day giving their children one-to-one attention, notching up a mere 36 minutes.

Children’s responses to the survey painted a similar picture, claiming parents are too preoccupied with working, tidying or checking emails to address their needs.

Almost eight out of ten said they resented being parked in front of the television instead of being entertained and 60 per cent said they wished their parents worked less. Two thirds said they would like it if their parents had more time to play with them.

Obviously there is a trend going on here. We have become busier than ever that we forget the little but the most important things. How do we arrest this?

Denise Witmer of Teens Expert once wrote: Happy families have strong family bonds. Parents, as the leaders of the family unit, have to be responsible for strengthening and protecting these bonds. It doesn’t happen naturally in our hectic day-to-day lives. You can create this firm foundation by committing to these ten essential practices that will strengthen your family’s relationships:

1. Schedule in family time.
2. Eat meals together as much as possible.
3. Do family responsibilities together.
4. Create a family mission statement.
5. Have family meetings.
6. Encourage support for each other.
7. Take time out for yourself.
8. Volunteer together.
9. Become involved in your teen’s interests.
10. Join something with other families.

Personally, I think it is quite impossible for most families do all of the above. But to try to do most if not all would help. I am not an expert on this because I am not a parent yet. But do you need to be an engineer/accountant to be good in math or numbers? I may not be a parent but YES I am a son and have witnessed what worked for my family.


At Vista Malls, our guiding principle is: “We Inspire Caring Communities”. With families as our main priority, we create spaces that bring them together, spaces where they can share fun activities together and make happy memories to last a lifetime. What makes Vista Malls unique is that we create lifestyle centers in already existing and flourishing neighborhoods. Commercial spaces are dedicated to tenants that add much value to the lifestyle of our served communities. Families can easily access our malls and spend quality time together because they don’t need to go far. A Vista Mall is like an extension of their homes– their patio and playground, with large open spaces for taking leisurely strolls and for small kids to run around, with cafes where Moms or Dads can have those precious heart-to-heart talks with their teen kids, and many more. And because each masterfully-planned and intricately designed Vista Mall is coupled with unique events and activities, it has fast become a most popular events venue south of Manila for a lot of people. Weekends are especially wonderful at a Vista Mall near you with exciting weekend events like the Sunset Grill at Lakefront in Sucat and the Organic Food Market at Evia in Alabang. Visiting a Vista Mall is truly a fun-filled experience!


I’m sure no one wants to take their families for granted. But unconsciously, with our busy schedules, it is easy to neglect some of the most important things in life, one of which is our family. It isn’t too late! Let’s learn how to prioritize things and manage our time. Let’s put our family on top of our priorities. I believe that a bonded family creates a stronger society and country.

By: Lemuel Branal