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How to Prepare the Coolest Summer Party for Your Kids

It’s summer time and it’s also your child’s birthday. You can celebrate it by going to his favorite theme park or to some expensive restaurant, but we’re pretty sure he’ll be just as thrilled to invite his friends at home for an afternoon party.

Preparing the Coolest Summer Party for Your Kids

Throwing a birthday party in the summer for young children may be nerve-wracking, but with plenty of planning, preparation and patience, you can give your child a summer birthday party he’ll never forget. Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Choose a Party Theme
Having a theme to work with will help guide you in your party planning. Let your child choose a theme for his party.

2. Decorate the venue
Choose party decorations according to your child’s party theme and favorite colors. Your boy might enjoy green and blue balloons and tables filled with cars or balls. For your little girl, pink and purple streamers and balloons, princess paper plates and cups, and sparkly confetti would be ideal. Include party hats and noisemakers for the guests. For your birthday party needs, visit a Vista Mall nearest you.

Preparing a Summer Party for Kids by Vista Malls

3. Provide a variety of games
You can provide coloring books or simple crafts for the kids to work on while waiting for all the guests to arrive. Games like balloon-popping, break the clay pot (hampas palayok) and pabitin are also a big hit with children and can be a source of fun for hours.

Vista Malls' Summer Kids Party Preparation Tips

4. Hire clowns
Hiring clowns may be the best option to provide entertainment for the children. They are good at handling games and contests and in keeping the children delighted and amazed with their magic and crazy antics, while providing time for adults to just relax and savor the party.

Preparing a Kids Summer Party

5. Plan and prepare food for the party
A party at lunch time could include a meal of spaghetti, chicken, and rice. An afternoon party could include snacks like chocolates, pretzels, cheese curls and other finger foods. Let your child pick the food he would like to be served at his party. And don’t forget the cake and ice cream!

Preparing a Kiddie Party in the Summer

6. Prepare loot bags
Kids love having something to take home after a party. So make sure you prepare loot bags loaded with individually wrapped candies, chocolates, small toys, crayons, noisemakers and other simple gifts. You can buy items for your loot bags at Wellcome Supermarket at The Village Center, CDO.

How to Prepare a Party for Kids

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