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How to Handle A Breakup Like a Boss

Having to part ways with the person whom you’ve thought of as ‘the one’ is no doubt difficult and painful, but having to let go of that person because you caught him/her cheating on you may just be the most heartbreaking. Whatever the reason, a breakup is something most people don’t easily walk away from nor recover from in an instant. After getting your heart crushed, it’s just normal for you to grieve, and maybe even get angry in the beginning. But make sure not to let your heartbroken state get the best of you, or even make a fool out of you. Do not take your heartache out to social media, do not bash your ex, do not wail whenever you hear your ‘theme song’ playing or whenever you happen to pass by a shopping center in Manila where your ex’s eyes first met yours. Learn how to handle your breakup well and here’s how.

Tips in Handling a Breakup by Vista Malls

Don’t Trash-talk Your Ex
There’s nothing wrong with confiding in your family members or trusted friends, but don’t talk about your ex with others with the intention of wanting to destroy the person’s reputation or make him/her appear as the bad guy, even if he/she really was. Go by the mantra, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ Not trash-talking your ex will not only make you the bigger and better person, but will also help you move on faster.

Don’t Play the Victim
Whether you caught him/her red-handed or not, breaking up is devastating. You will feel betrayed, and the pain is inevitable. Forgetting about him/her and moving on with your life are easier said than done, but those are just what you have to do. Cry a river if you will, but don’t play the victim. Just think that it’s better you found out sooner rather than later that he/she is not the right person for you.

Vista Malls Tips on How to Handle a Breakup

Surround Yourself With Positive People
Surrounding yourself with happy and positive people will help make you realize that life, with all its highs and lows, is still worth living and can still be enjoyed. It may be a bummer seeing other people so happy while you’re crushing deep down inside, but please, spare them the drama and stop thinking too much of yourself. Don’t drag other people into your misery. Let them drag you into their happiness. So, whenever you are going to a shopping center in Manila to shop, eat or hang out with these friends, just enjoy.

Handling a Breakup by Vista Malls

Travel Or Find A New Hobby
If you are still not up to seeing common friends, or visiting the places where you used to hang out, then go on a trip. Going to a new place may help you think better and provide a new perspective to your life. A new hobby will also help keep your mind off the breakup. Trying out painting and enrolling for classes could even be the outlet that will help you release your feelings. Who knows, you might even be surprised to discover that there was an artist hidden inside you all along, and you’ve got your ex to thank for that.

Stay Looking Good and Fabulous
Many would say that the best revenge is to show the other person what he/she is missing. So, stay pretty/handsome and fabulous. You wouldn’t want to bump into your ex at Vista Malls looking like you’ve just gotten out of bed, would you?

Tips in Handling a Breakup by Vista Malls

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