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Graduation Lunch or Dinner Party Menu Ideas

If you and your loved ones don’t want to face a packed restaurant after the graduation ceremony, you can always opt to celebrate at home and invite friends and immediate family over for an intimate graduation lunch or dinner party.  Here are some menu ideas you can prepare for your party.

Main entrée

For your graduation lunch or dinner party, you can serve foods that are easy to order or prepare like lechon and garlic shrimp, along with the graduate’s favorite dishes.


Graduation Cake

A graduation lunch or dinner won’t be perfect without a graduation cake!  Just don’t forget to order the graduate’s favorite flavor/cake.

graduation cake

Fruit Salad

A sweet and cold dessert is most welcome at graduation lunch or dinner parties especially during hot months like March, when summer is already beginning.


Graduation Cupcakes and Graduation Cap Pops

You can also serve cupcakes and cake pops as desserts.  They also make wonderful giveaways.

cake pops

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