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Gift Ideas for Girlfriend: Unique Cakes and Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for gift ideas for girlfriend? Make Valentine’s Day sweeter by giving your girlfriend a cake or a box of cupcakes, but make it more special by giving her ones with unique designs. Here are some design ideas that you can ask your friendly neighborhood baker to follow.

1. The tiny hearts on top of this cupcake are just too pretty.

cupcake with hearts

2. This cake may look plain on the outside, but wait till you make the first slice.

cake with design side

3. Just when you thought the cake couldn’t get any sweeter.

cake with i love you

4. This teaches you to definitely not judge a cake by its cover.

cake with m&ms

5. These cupcakes are way too pretty to eat.

pretty cupcakes

6. This cupcake design is just too cute for life.

cute cupcakes

7. How about some hearts pop cakes?

pop cakes

8. Pop cakes with sweet messages will surely melt the heart of your girl.

pop cakes with sweet messages

9. This shabby chic cake design sure looks yummy.

shabby chic cake

10. If she’s not your girl yet, you’ll definitely earn her yes after giving her these cupcakes.

valentine cupcakes

So, which cake and cupcake design did you like best?

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