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Get The Freshest Produce Every Sunday at Evia!

Nothing beats the real deal. When it comes to food, natural is always better than canned or processed ones. So given the chance, would you still reach out for a can of mushrooms when you can buy them fresh and at affordable prices?


Going back to basics is what the Evia Producers’ Market at the Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari, Las Pinas is all about. Every Sunday, from 7 am to 2 pm, groups of local farmers from Tagaytay and Batangas set up stalls with the freshest fruits, vegetables, dairy products and more! It brings the sweetest and most succulent produce closer to your table without you ever having to travel out of the city.

You can also make the most of out the experience and sample artisanal products which have been meticulously prepared such as goat cheese, honey, sugar cane juice, pickled peppers and so much more. There are also ready-to-eat dishes for hungry patrons who have just finished their morning jogs or power walks. This is also a great place to take the family to after hearing mass – after nourishing the spirit, you can take your fill of fresh and natural products that’s good for your body!


You can stock up on eggs, farm fresh vegetables, fruits and other products for the rest of the week. You can find free-range eggs and chickens as well as fresh fruit juices and brewed coffee which you can enjoy right then and there.

For the Kids

The Producers market is also a great way to educate your children about food and how food is grown. In today’s modern times, children are overly exposed to fast food and instant food that they often do not have an idea of where their food comes from or how its grown. At the Producers market, they can meet real farmers, livestock growers and people who prepare food the natural way. There are also some organic growers who make it a point not to use pesticides or chemicals on their food.


At their young age, it is important for children to understand that what they eat contributes significantly to their health. The earlier they are exposed to appreciating natural products and fresh produce, the better.

The Evia Producers’ Market at Evia in Daang Hari, Las Pinas City is within the relaxing confines of the Evia Lifestyle Center. It’s an ideal Sunday family bonding place for you and your family.