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Get to Know Lakefront Boardwalk

Vista Malls is known to take your shopping experience to a new and different level by building commercial complexes that can certainly address and offer solution to all your needs. What is impeccable about their goal is that they make sure that it is able to serve the needs of the people who are living in the area. Vista Malls ensure that they accommodate the concerns of the residents by being faithful to the demographics as well as the location of their development.

Lakefront Boardwalk in Sucat

Vista Malls currently have three huge expansions in the south, and each commercial improvement is like a one stop destination for the area’s inhabitants because everything and anything that you need are all in one roof. Several retail stores are available to answer your shopping needs, and there are a lot of restaurants that have different cuisines to satisfy your palate. More than dining and shopping, these complexes also offer certain services so you can have the chance to fulfill your obligations and tasks while you are out there to relax and have fun.

Vista Malls Lakefront in Sucat

Vista Malls Lakefront Boardwalk

Vista Malls Lakefront Boardwalk in Sucat

Finds at Vista Malls Lakefront Boardwalk

Jollibee at Lakefront Boardwalk

Little Town at Lakefront Boardwalk

Octagon in Lakefront Boardwalk

Among the said expansion in the area are Evia Lifestyle Center, Lakefront Wharf and Lakefront Boardwalk. It is a perfect place for teenagers to interact and socialize as it provides a great amount of safety to its clients. This commercial complex in the south is ideal to have get togethers because it simply has everything that will definitely appeal to your taste. Being a mall that has totally all your needs from shopping, dining, service and even entertainment, it definitely brings a lot of convenience and makes life much easier to the people living nearby. Aside from being accessible to all your concerns, different kinds of events can be held here as well, so whether it is a private occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries and the like or corporate affairs, this place is definitely an ideal venue to create wonderful memories.