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Fun Things To Do Indoors With The Kids On Rainy Days

To make your day worthwhile when you’re stuck at home on a rainy day, we’ve come up with ten indoor activities that you and your kids will surely enjoy. Challenge them to do something different and try out a craft, recipe, or educational games for kids that wouldn’t have otherwise interested them. Prove to them that there are more exciting things to do indoors on a rainy day than just play with gadgets all day long.

Cook pancakes

Cooking and designing pancakes is one of the best activities for kids on rainy days. After cooking, you can enjoy the pancakes by having an indoor picnic, too.

Bonding Activities

Play board games

Board games are perfect educational games for kids. These games teach them to be patient in taking turns, to accept rewards and consequences, as well as enhance their memory and visual skills. The best examples of these board games would be Mind Master, Chess, Scrabble Junior and Chutes and Ladders.

Playing Boardgames With The Kids

Create newspaper dresses

Gather lots of newspapers, scotch tape and scissors and challenge the kids to come up with their own newspaper outfits. Have a lot of fun showcasing their designs by having a catwalk fashion show later on.

Making Newspaper Outfits With the Kids

Read books out loud

Ask your kids to pick out their favorite book and cuddle up with them on their bed to get them ready for a fabulous story reading session. Most kids love hearing a good story, and reading out loud to them will encourage them to love books even more.

Bedtime Story Reading

Make fresh fruit popsicles

Pretend it’s still a sunny summer day by making fresh popsicles out of your kids’ favorite fruits or fruit juice. There are many online tutorials to help you out on how to make one.

Popsicle Making With The Kids

Get creative with playdough

Playdough lets kids explore their imaginations and play creatively. They can pretend to be chefs making pastries, they can be automobile designers, landscapers, architects or engineers! Kids would be able to experiment and come up with amazing creations of their own.

Clay Making With The Kids

Build a Fort

When it’s rainy and cold, it’s lovely to stay all snuggled up and warm inside the house, and what better way to do that than to build a fort? Get your kids moving by sending them around the house to collect pillows, blankets, and sheets to be used for making a fort. Your fort can be your reading den or a place to relax and swap stories with the kids.


Make paper airplanes

You and your kids can have fun creating and designing paper airplanes. If you can’t remember how to make one, there are quick and easy tutorials online to help you out. Teach your kids to make airplanes but let them paint/design them on their own. Have a blast flying the planes after!

Airplane Making With the Kids

Hope you enjoyed this list of activities and educational games for kids you most definitely should try with your children when stuck inside the house on a rainy day.

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