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Fun Activities For the Whole Family on Father’s Day

The most important thing Dad wants on Father’s Day is to spend quality time with his family. Here are some fun activities the whole family could do to celebrate Dad’s special day.

1. Go Malling
You could go shopping and buy dad a special gift. Or take him out for a date to his or the family’s favorite restaurant inside the mall.

Fun Father's Day Activities

2. Try Bowling
This one is right up dad’s alley! An afternoon of bowling would be fun for dad and the whole family.

Activities for the Family on Father's Day

3. Have a Family Massage
One of the nicest Father’s Day gift ideas is to treat dad to a rejuvenating massage. After a stressful day at work, a relaxing massage would be a warm welcome for dad. It’ll be double the fun to tag the whole family along.

Fun Father's Day Activities

4. Do a Movie Marathon
Treat dad to a whole day movie marathon. There are many Father’s Day movies out there that dad and the whole family can enjoy.

Activities Dad Will Love

5. Cook his favorite food
Get the whole family involved in cooking dad’s favorite meal for a special Father’s Day lunch or dinner.

Fun Activities for Dad

These simple but meaningful Father’s Day activities will surely make dad happy and will create lasting memories for the whole family as well.

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